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TuneUp is a tool that helps organize several aspects of iTunes for you. View full description


  • Free
  • Efficient file cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of additional information about your music


  • After library cleaning, it's difficult to justify everyday use

Very good

TuneUp is a tool that helps organize several aspects of iTunes for you.

If your iTunes library is a mess, full of badly labeled tracks, TuneUp is a great way to get your library organized again. Rewriting tags yourself can take forever, so let TuneUp do it for you instead.


TuneUp sits next to your iTunes window, and has four functions. First is 'Clean', which searches for possible fits to your mislabeled tracks, and then automatically changes the file's tag. You can also search for cover art in the same way. Drag any album missing artwork into the TuneUp box, and it will find suitable matches, then update your files. If you like the 'cover flow' feature on iTunes, this is a great way to make it look even better.


The DeDuper feature searches out duplicate songs in your collection, which you can then remove. Finally there is the Tuniverse. TuneUp's Tuniverse allows you to share what you're playing on Facebook, tweet the song on Twitter, and see related YouTube videos and biographies from Freebase. There are even concert and event notifications via the StubHub service.

TuneUp allows you to clean 500 songs and find 50 album covers, so once you've used them up you'll have to subscribe to do more. The unlimited 'Now Playing' and 'Concerts' functions might be useful to you, and the YouTube videos are definitely a nice touch.

TuneUp is a nice idea. iTunes libraries can get really untidy, and it's good to have an automated cleaning system. The app sits neatly next to iTunes, and doesn't use significant system resources.

If you have lots of files in your iTunes library that need organizing, TuneUp is a great organizational option.


  • Improved stability throughout, including better performance for large collections
  • Reduced memory use
  • Ability to detach TuneUp from iTunes and Windows Media Player
  • Updated user interface
  • Improved status and progress messaging
  • Better support for intermittent Internet connection timeouts

TuneUp transforms your digital music collection. Automagically. TuneUp is the #1 plug-in for iTunes that uses cutting-edge acoustic fingerprinting technology to intelligently fix mislabeled song information (like "Track 01"), fill in missing album cover art, and remove duplicate tracks. Explore your world of music with Tuniverse, which offers concert alerts, music videos, artist bios and much more.


TuneUp Lite

User reviews about TuneUp

  • lou.windsor

    by lou.windsor

    "A complete waste of money. "

    Crap. Can't 'connect' to the internet after the latest update. Support is unresponsive. Useless and a waste of money..   More.

  • Oorani

    by Oorani

    "great tool for organizing messy music collection!"

    My first impression of TuneUp was I was unsure on what TuneUp was actually for but once I got started using it I foun...   More.

  • Elgeno

    by Elgeno

    "Tuneup media version 3 fails!"

    After the new version (3.0) was released this program fails. It takes a couple of hours to load when opening Itunes. ...   More.

  • zombie356

    by zombie356

    "Don't bother - look further"

    After the 3.0 revision, haven't been able to get it to work properly. It keeps crashing and is unable to deal with a ...   More.

  • musicali

    by musicali

    "Great tool turned sour"

    Used to be great; now (3.0) it only does kind of a good job. It's still a great tool that helps clean up your music b...   More.

  • Musicman3000

    by Musicman3000

    "Do not purchase Tuneup!"

    Do not purchase tuneup! it's a rip-off does not work. Once tuneup is active it will completely consume the resources ...   More.